Our Company

Thompson & Grace Pharmaceuticals Limited was incorporated in 1993 as a private limited liability company under the Companies & Allied Matters Decree of 1990 (RC No. 221077) to provide manufacturing, OEM representation, and distribution of pharmaceutical and allied medical products and services. Thompson & Grace Pharmaceuticals undertakes its businesses with a highly skilled staff and latest technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity. As a health-conscious company, Thompson & Grace Pharmaceuticals is organized to provide high quality, yet affordable pharmaceutical products, baby foods, medicinal skin care products, medical devices and consumables, and allied medical products and services.

Our company distributes top quality products including Body Care, Healthy Living and special needs, Vaccines and antitoxins, hospital diagnostic and emergency equipment from top manufacturers around the world. We also maintain sales and marketing exclusivity of key products from reputable pharmaceutical and allied health companies around the world, including Sebapharma GmbH, Kalfany Suess Werbung GmbH & Co, Humana GmbH & Co, etc.

In 2004, Thompson & Grace Pharmaceuticals was awarded a gold-medal for excellence in business practice by the Geneva based Foundation for Excellence in Business Practice.

Our Mission

To harness Africa’s human and material resources for research and development strategy, knowledge translation and formulation of high quality and affordable pharmaceutical, medical and allied medical products; ensuring their effective distribution to the population for prevention and treatment of diseases.


To be a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality and affordable medical and pharmaceutical products in Africa.


To invest in people, research and development to ensure effective knowledge translation and excellent product development, as well as mobilizing and deploying good marketing tools and distribution mechanisms to reach to all parts of Nigeria and the continent.